Childcare jobs at Seymour House

If you are keen to begin a career in early years, or are looking to take your next step, a childcare job at a Seymour House nursery will give you the opportunity to achieve your goals as part of a fun and caring team. 

When looking for a childcare job in Essex or Hertfordshire, Seymour House nurseries are the perfect place to pursue your career. You will become part of a brilliant team that gives nothing but the best, making every one of our eleven nurseries outstanding. Children are at the heart of everything we do and we live our values every day. These are collectively known as the 3Bs:

  • Beyond Brilliant – Our families get nothing but the best from us.
  • Better Together – We are united in supporting families to thrive.
  • Be Kind – We nurture children, each other and our planet. 

A childcare job at Seymour House is an opportunity to give children the best possible start with outstanding early years education in a safe, nurturing environment. We offer both our children and our team a future filled with possibilities. 


Fun and fulfilling childcare jobs for early years careers

There are lots of different job roles at our nurseries. Some are entry-level positions, whilst others require qualifications and/or early years experience. Here’s a brief overview of each of our childcare jobs. 

Nursery Manager

The Nursery Manager has a leadership role and works closely with the Head of Early Years Practice to manage the day-to-day running of the nursery. Amongst many other responsibilities, the role involves ensuring the nursery always meets our expectations for exceptional care, education and safety. This extends beyond caring for the children to include their families and our team.

To be a Nursery Manager you must have an Early Years qualification to Level 3 or above and a minimum of two years’ experience, post qualification, in an early years setting. 

Head of Early Years Practice

Our other leadership position is The Head of Early Years Practice. This involves working alongside the Nursery Manager to ensure the nursery is successfully managed and always achieves its status as an outstanding setting. The Head of Early Years Practice leads on our care and education provision, ensuring each child is provided with the opportunities to meet their full potential. 

The Head of Early Years job requires an Early Years qualification to Level 6 or above. You must also have at least two years’ experience leading a team in an early years setting. 

Early Years Educator

Our Early Years Educators provide outstanding care and education, inspiring our children with awe and wonder every day. This childcare job involves meeting the individual needs of each child. You will provide them with the knowledge and resources to learn and interact with others across a broad range of subject areas, preparing the children for moving on to primary school. 

For an Early Years Educator job you need to have at least a Level 3 qualification in Childcare and Education. 

Apprentice Early Years Educator

This is an excellent opportunity to start your childcare career whilst working. Not just a nursery assistant, our Apprentice Early Years Educators are part of the nursery team, providing outstanding care and innovative education to the children. Our Seymour House Apprentice Academy provides the supervision and training required for apprentices to achieve an early years qualification.

To become an Apprentice Early Years Educator you need at least a Grade 4 GCSE (or equivalent) in English and Maths. Apprenticeship funding requires that you are also a UK or EEA citizen, or have lived in the UK for the past 3 years.  

Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT)

The Early Years Initial Teaching Training role is an opportunity to work full-time as an Early Years Educator, whilst gaining a post-graduate early years teaching qualification. Early Years Educators studying the EYITT through our programme work as part of our nursery team, caring for the children and following our exciting educational curriculum. In addition, you will attend training days and have a designated mentor to assist you as you progress through the course.  

The Early Years Initial Teacher Training job requires you to have an early years related degree.

Nursery Food Champion

Healthy eating and providing nutritious food is an important aspect of what we provide for the children in our nurseries. Our Nursery Food Champion is a key member of the Seymour House team, taking children on exciting taste adventures whilst nurturing their knowledge and understanding of good nutrition and responsibly sourced food. 

As part of the childcare team, the Nursery Food Champion role requires you to have a passion for healthy food and good nutrition, as well as a desire to encourage the same enthusiasm in young children. 

Nursery Housekeeper

By ensuring the nursery is kept clean and tidy, our Housekeepers maintain a safe and pleasant environment for the children and the team. 

Nursery Housekeeper jobs don’t require any qualifications, but you must want to work in an environment with young children. Having prior housekeeping experience is also a bonus. 


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Find out what parents say about us

Sarah Leete

We have always been and remain confident that when we leave our daughter Nursery, she receives the highest level of care and pre-school education available. We would have no hesitation recommending Seymour House to any friends seeking high quality childcare

Mrs Ellis

I would like to thank the nursery team for the outstanding care they have given to Millie over the past three years.  Every Team member is kind, thoughtful and professional

David and Katrin Bome

We have always been very pleased with the care, knowledge, professionalism, skill, and nurturing nature of the team

Chloe Jenkins

The nursery team are amazing and have made the process of returning to work so much easier for me.  I have complete confidence in them

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