Welcome to a world of Awe and Wonder
A collection of magical experiences for two-year-olds

Our new Awe and Wonder programme has been lovingly created by Seymour House early education experts, to create brilliant childhood memories for our tremendous two-years-olds.

Filled with 5 Cs learning, our awe and wonder programme offers adventure, excitement, discovery, and moments of pure surprise! Children can be a firefighter for the day or even a superhero; be wowed by marvellous magic or go on a time travelling expedition in the search for dinosaurs!

Every two-year-old will receive a personalised Awe and Wonder keepsake to share with their family, which captures each experience with a photograph to cherish the memory. Children will also be given a unique sticker to wear home on the day that they’ve taken part in an Awe and Wonder experience.

We would love for families to contribute too! All parents with a two-year-old at Seymour House will receive an experience card from their Key Person, where you can jot down Awe and Wonder experiences with your child as a family. We’ve put together a list of 22 things to do aged two for some magical inspiration!

We would love to see what you’ve been up to! Why not return your card to nursery so that we can talk about your adventures with your child and share it with their friends?

Download 22 things to do aged two