Twice a year your child’s Key Person will complete a short non-statutory assessment of learning. This assessment, known as a Development Check-In, will comment on some of your child’s recent achievements in the Prime areas of learning (Communication, personal, social and emotional development and physical development), alongside a comment on how the Key Person will be supporting your child further in their learning and development at nursery.

Please note – for older children (approx. 2 years plus) the Check-In will include a summery of the specific areas of learning (Mathematics, literacy, understanding the world and expressive arts and design).

These assessments, in conjunction with parents ongoing feedback and observations help the Key Person to continue to offer tailored learning to support your child’s developmental next steps.

Your Role

Partnership with parents is essential to ensure we capture a holistic view of your child’s learning and development. We encourage you as parents to contribute to your child’s timeline of events via ParentZone by commenting on posts and uploading photographs of some of the fun things your child has been enjoying and achieving outside of nursery. Please refer to our handy Guide to ParentZone which gives step by step guidance on how to do so.

Your child’s Key Person will notify you once your child’s assessment has been published for you to view. We kindly ask that parents acknowledge this by commenting on the assessment.