We recognise that a change in home base room can be monumental for any child. Your child’s Key Person will draw upon several resources and tools to support this process to ensure your child’s transition to their new room is as smooth as possible.

Transition Visits

Similar to those early settling in visits when your child first joined nursery, they will experience  transitional visits to their new room. These visits will differ in length of time, and time of day so your child can gently experience all aspects of the day within their new room. Early Years Educators from your child’s current home base room may go with your child to their new room, to provide a secure base to return to if needed whilst they are developing attachments to their new Key Person. Your child may also visit with peers from their current room on occasions to provide familiar faces in their new environment.

Sharing of Information

Your child’s current Key Person will complete a transitional all about me document, sharing key information with your child’s new Key Person. This ensures information about your child’s individual needs such as their current sleep routine and likes, are passed on to ensure for continuity of care and recent learning.

All parents are given the opportunity if they wish to visit the new home base room and to meet with the team.

Transition Boxes

Each room has a transition box containing resources and items to familiarise you and your child with their new environment such as photographs of the team, resources such as plates, cups etc. If you would like to borrow a transition box to support your child’s room move, please speak to a member of the team.