If your child contracts an infectious or notifiable disease, you must inform the setting who will follow the Guidance outlined in Health Protection in Education and Childcare settings, produced by the UK Health Security Agency. In the event of sickness and diarrhoea children may not be admitted for 48 hours after the last bout of illness. From time to time, children may become unwell whilst at the nursery, if this should happen, we will inform you immediately and agree a course of action.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that the nursery has up to date information about their child’s medical needs. There are times when a child may need to continue a course of medicine while in our care. Seymour House will administer prescribed medicines if the Nursery Management Team feel that the team have been given sufficient information and training to do so. A temperature reducing medicine such as Calpol will be given as a single dose in an emergency, provided consent has been given from a parent. A record of all medication administered to children is kept by the nursery.