ParentZone is a great tool to keep parents informed of your child’s day at nursery and their development. ParentZone is a smartphone app that parents can access at any time using their own unique and secure log in to keep up to date with their child’s day and their learning. Logging on allows parents to view their child’s daily timeline which includes a log of foods eaten (younger rooms), nappy changing, and sleep times alongside photographs, videos and notes capturing some of the fun experiences the child has enjoyed. Assessments against the EYFS, which we refer to as Development Check In’s, are shared twice a year through ParentZone to track each child’s progress.

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We love for parents to contribute to ParentZone by commenting on posts and uploading photographs and notes of the fun things you and your child have been doing outside of nursery. This means the Key Person can draw upon these experiences to spark further learning at nursery.

ParentZone is very secure, for the techy types among you, the connection is made using a secure server holding a 256 bit SSL certificate (typically your internet banking uses 128 bit). You will be the only persons outside of nursery that can view your child’s profile, accessed using your own unique and secure log in. Following your first settling in visit, you will receive a secure email inviting you to activate and set up your account which will need to be done initially on a PC. You can download ParentZone from the Google Play Store and/or the Apple App Store. If you do not have a smart phone, you can log in at ParentZone.