At nursery we follow individual sleep routines.

During your first settling in session, your key person will discuss with you your child’s sleep routine, noting times of day they tend to nap. We will mirror this routine as closely as possible, but it’s important to share that we will not force a child to wake or keep them awake against their wishes. There’s lots of research on babies’ brain development that tells us that when sleeping, the brain is busy learning, restful sleep helps us to process daily discoveries, so time for sleep and rest is a really important part of child development.

There’s no need to worry about nursery bedding, as we take care of this for you. Your child’s bedding will be kept safe in their individual sleep bag until needed and is laundered regularly.

Our team are nurturing in approach to sleep routines. Your child will be offered a cot or sleep mattress to snooze on, depending on their stage of development. We never leave children to cry themselves to sleep and ensure that sleeping children are always supervised. Team carry out regular sleep checks to ensure your child’s safety.

Importantly, our safer sleep practices are in accordance with recommendations from both the NHS and the Lullaby Trust to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The Lullaby Trust have lots of helpful information to support families with safer sleep at home too, visit The Lullaby Trust – Safer sleep for babies, Support for families for more information.