Special consideration is given to the needs of babies and children with special dietary requirements or food allergies. It is parent’s responsibility to inform the nursery of any allergies or dietary requirements.

If your child has a severe allergy that will result in anaphylaxis, a member of the Management Team must be informed. In consultation with the child’s Key Person, the Nursery Manager or HoEYP will carry out a risk assessment at the settling in visit. An emergency plan and procedure will need to be agreed based on the medical information given to us. For children with severe allergies the Key Person will issue a wrist band for your child to wear whilst at the nursery. As parents it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is wearing their wrist band when in attendance.

Whilst menus are available for children with most specialist dietary, nutritional or religious requirements, if a child has a severe allergy (that could lead to closure of an airway) to staple foodstuffs that are commonly found in the nursery (such as milk, egg, meat, fish, fruit, or wheat) it may be impossible to safely meet the child’s needs in a group setting.