Next level mealtimes

We’re super proud to have created Nursery Kitchen to provide children with fresh, tasty, and nutritious nursery meals and snacks, from breakfast through to tea.  

With a team of professional chefs and an expert early years nutritionist, Nursery Kitchen prepares our exciting, nutritionally balanced dishes made with the best and freshest ingredients.  

All our meals are made by hand in a central kitchen and delivered to our nurseries chilled, ready to be cooked in our ovens. This means that children receive consistently safe, healthy, and delicious meals every day. 


What’s on the menu?

In each of our nurseries, we offer a wholesome menu that not only caters to dietary needs but is also filled with variety and flavours from around the world. This encourages children to be adventurous with food and to develop a varied palate that relishes the taste of healthy food.

We’ve achieved Nutritionist Approved Menu Accreditation for delivering a high standard of excellence in providing nutritious nursery meals, which goes beyond what is recommended for children!

All the good stuff 

Together with Nursery Kitchen, we ensure that children receive healthy food using nothing but the best ingredients to nourish their body and mind, whilst being kind to the planet. 

  • British Red Tractor meat 
  • MSC sustainable salmon
  • Pole and line caught tuna
  • No added sugar and low salt
  • A cross section of vitamins and minerals
  • At least one fish day and one veggie day each week
  • Diversifying proteins with pulses 

Healthy Eating

The nursery mealtime experience

At lunch and tea, homebase rooms are transformed into calm, relaxed spaces. The pace of the day naturally slows as the children enjoy delicious meals, while sat in the company of friends and our team. 

We offer child friendly crockery, perfectly sized for small hands, and encourage the children to self-serve to promote independence. Older children love taking on the role of ‘special helper’, laying tables, pouring drinks and helping to clear away. 

Lunch and learn is a firm favourite! We introduce characters such as Cowgirl Millie and Farmer Sue to talk about the dishes and help build a positive relationship with food. 

Mid-morning and afternoon we open a rolling snack bar so your little one can refuel as they play and learn.  

Our Nursery Food Champions

Nursery Food Champions are unique to Seymour House and play an important role in delivering food education as well as serving up tasty and exciting meals and snacks. Our Food Champions ensure that children have lots of opportunities to learn about healthy and nutritious food. This is through both cooking experiences, where they can explore flavours from around the world, and planting activities in our kitchen gardens, which help children to understand where food comes from and develop a love for healthy food that lasts a lifetime. 

Our kitchen gardens 

Our kitchen gardens are designated outdoor spaces where children can enjoy nature whilst learning all about healthy food and nutrition. We grow different herbs, fruits and vegetables in raised beds, perfectly positioned at child friendly height for even our youngest learners. 

Our Early Years Educators teach where foods come from, about growing cycles and plant to plate processes. From carrots to crazy cress heads, we label our produce with fun names as we carefully tend to them and watch them grow. When ready to harvest, the learning continues as we guide and support the children to experiment with the ingredients grown through interactive cookery sessions. 

With so many different smells, senses, and tastes, our kitchen gardens offer a brilliant sensory experience. We find they’re a great way to encourage little ones to try delicious new foods, as children are much more likely to eat what they’ve grown.

Find out what parents say about us

Sarah Leete

We have always been and remain confident that when we leave our daughter Nursery, she receives the highest level of care and pre-school education available. We would have no hesitation recommending Seymour House to any friends seeking high quality childcare

Mrs Ellis

I would like to thank the nursery team for the outstanding care they have given to Millie over the past three years.  Every Team member is kind, thoughtful and professional

David and Katrin Bome

We have always been very pleased with the care, knowledge, professionalism, skill, and nurturing nature of the team

Chloe Jenkins

The nursery team are amazing and have made the process of returning to work so much easier for me.  I have complete confidence in them

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