In March, our Oak Trees Day Nursery (Ford Dunton) in Laindon was awarded another Outstanding Ofsted rating! Praising our “highly nurturing nursery”, the inspector declared that “The highest priority is given to children’s health and wellbeing”. While exploring the nursery, the inspector noted that “Children are exceedingly happy and confident,” Further, they are “safe and busy as they explore the enticing activities and resources.”

Our exceptional nursery team were recognised as being skilled and experienced with “an impressive understanding of the curriculum” while providing, “exceptional support for children to be creative and express their ideas.” It’s no wonder then that the children in our care “thrive within this rich and caring environment”, where “high quality care is consistent” throughout, and children’s “language skills, drawing and writing are at an exceptionally high level.”

After speaking to parents of Oak Trees Day Nursery, the inspector reported that “Parents speak very highly about the nursery and say that their children are exceedingly happy there.” Further, parents are “exceptionally well-informed about their children’s learning and development” and “are constantly amazed at what their children know and can do.”

Read the full Outstanding Ofsted report, here.

Oak Trees Day Nursery was built specially to serve employees of the Ford Dunton Technical Centre in Laindon, Essex. Learn more about Oak Trees Day Nursery, here.