Meals are provided to each setting by our central Nursery Kitchen, so we can ensure the best quality foods for your child to support their growth, development and learning.  The food children eat affects every aspect of their lives, their mood, behaviour, growth, and their ability to concentrate; with this in mind our professional chefs, who are passionate about early year’s cuisine, prepare and create all of our meals, which are then delivered fresh to the nurseries and cooked at each setting.  Our menus are designed by nutritionists who ensure each dish is age appropriate, nutritionally balanced and delicious. Menus include a range of flavours to stimulate taste buds as the tastes a child encounters in their early years can influence their dietary habits and preferences for the rest of their life.

What food is at nursery?

The nursery menu includes breakfast for children arriving before 8.30am, a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon snack, a cooked meal served at around midday, and for those children staying after 4pm a light tea. Fresh drinking water is always available throughout the day for children of all ages.

Meals are served in small groups with supervision from the team. Social skills and independence are developed, with older children encouraged to help themselves.

For children under one, the Key Person will work closely with you through the weaning process which we will begin in accordance with parent wishes from 6 months plus of age, in line with the latest guidance from the Department of Health and the Food Standards Agency. Pureed food is available. The Key Person will support older babies to attempt to feed themselves promoting independence, for example by encouraging babies to hold a spoon while being fed.

If you would like a copy of the full menu, please speak to your child’s Key Person.

Please note: for safety reasons we do not serve nuts at any age, and ask parents not to bring in food from home as we cannot be sure of the ingredients.