To a 4-year-old, the idea of starting ‘big school’ can be both exciting and daunting. This is a period where children experience rapid development, and where changes in routine can be upsetting. It is for this reason that Seymour House sees the transition as a ‘process’ rather than an ‘event,’ and with a little preparation at home and at nursery, you can rest assured that both you and your child will be well prepared for when September arrives!

At Seymour House our group of Head of Early Years Practice (HoEYP) have devised a unique Prepared for School Programme (PFSP) to support those children during their last year at nursery before they transition off to big school!

Our programme includes PE sessions, choose a challenge, our very own Reading & Writing Programme and Dragon Maths to name a few!

Have a read of our Starting School – a handy guide for parents, publication which gives advice and tips for both you and your child to support the transition to school.

School Leavers EYFS Assessment

As your child draws to the end of their journey at nursery, your Key Person will summarise their achievements and learning in a final assessment. This assessment provides insight into how your child prefers to learn, and gives both you and your child’s Reception teacher an understanding of the skills your child has already become confident with. We provide this assessment as a transitional tool which we very much encourage you to share with your child’s school when you go to visit, as it can provide vital information for the school to begin preparing for your child’s transition and their  future learning journey ahead.