We ask parents to provide a change of clothes and any personal items your child may require. These should be clearly labelled and brought to nursery in a small bag that can be hung on your child’s peg. For safety reasons drawstring bags and plastic bags are not permitted. Parents with young children will also need to provide nappies, wipes or equivalent, and if required breast milk/formula milk.

Mothers are welcome to drop in throughout the day to breast feed whenever possible, or to bring in expressed breast milk. Formula milk should be provided, preferably in ready to use cartons. The nursery will provide sterilised bottles and teats.

We ask that children are dressed suitably for the nursery day where they will take part in fun creative sessions that involve paint, cornflour and glue for example. Outdoor learning takes place daily so suitable seasonal clothing is essential, for example, a warm coat, hat and wellington boots in the winter months, and a hat and sun cream in the summer. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for personal items, but we will do our best to ensure these items are placed into your child’s bag at the end of the day.