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Find the perfect nursery daycare facility where children learn as they grow

Choosing a daycare facility for your child is a big decision and we understand how important it is to find a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment, where your child will be happy. Seymour House nurseries provide exactly that and you can find our daycare facilities in 11 different locations across Essex and Hertfordshire. 

Beyond brilliant childcare and education 

Seymour House is passionate about providing an outstanding daycare facility for your child. We believe in giving children the best start, preparing them for the future with our excellent childcare and our own early years education curriculum. We are rated by Ofsted as an outstanding daycare provider, exceeding expectations on every level.


What daycare facilities should you look for when choosing a nursery?

Finding the right fit for your child is very important when deciding on a daycare provider. Below are some of the facilities you should consider when choosing a nursery.

Childcare needs

  • Safe and clean environment: A nursery must adhere to health and safety regulations and ensure a clean and hygienic daycare environment is always maintained.
  • Sleeping areas: For babies and younger children, nurseries should have designated quiet spaces for naps and rest.
  • Changing facilities: The daycare facility will have specific areas for nappy changes.
  • Mealtimes: We provide healthy meals and snacks in our nurseries, delivered fresh each day. 

Learning and indoor play

  • Designated areas: Daycare nurseries will have separate spaces for different activities throughout the day, such as reading, playing and learning. 
  • Age-appropriate toys and materials: This can be blocks, puzzles, toys and books, as well as arts and crafts supplies, and sensory play items, such as sand and water.
  • Structured learning activities: Qualified staff should lead activities that encourage development in areas including language, maths and social skills.
  • Educational resources: Age appropriate materials, including the use of technology, support nursery staff at a daycare facility in preparing children for moving on to school. 

Outdoor play

  • Secure outdoor play areas: This might be a playground with age appropriate climbing frames, slides, swings and toys plus a dedicated garden space.
  • Opportunities for physical activity: Nursery daycare providers encourage outdoor play and learning as a way for children to develop gross motor skills and explore nature.


What daycare facilities do Seymour House nurseries provide?

A safe and nurturing daycare environment

Finding an early years daycare facility where your children are excited to go each day, means you are secure in the knowledge that they are happy and well cared for. At Seymour House we offer a caring environment where babies, toddlers and young children feel settled and secure. The facilities in our daycare nurseries provide the support needed for their early education and give the children a place where they can develop social skills as they learn, grow and play. 

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A dedicated team of qualified and experienced daycare staff

Each of our daycare nursery facilities is led by a brilliant team of passionate early years experts. Supervised by the Nursery Manager, every Early Years Educator, Housekeeper and Nursery Food Champion at Seymour House works together to provide exceptional childcare and a magical nursery experience for your child. 

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Outstanding daycare nursery facilities for babies and children under 5 

All Seymour House nurseries offer excellent daycare facilities filled with engaging resources and toys for both education and play. We have nurturing spaces where your child can learn grow and play, both indoors and outdoors. Our environments are calming yet stimulating making your child feel instantly at home. 

Amazing early years education 

The best nursery daycare facility must include early years education, preparing your child for when they continue on to school. We created the 5Cs: creativity, curiosity, communication, critical thinking and cooperation and use these as the basis of the teaching techniques we use every day. We have developed our own curriculum which is taught through engaging activities and play, inspiring a love of learning into children from a very early age. 

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Promoting healthy eating

When you send your child to a daycare nursery facility, you want to know they will be eating well. We believe that healthy food habits are not just about providing nutritious food but also encouraging children to be adventurous in their food choices. The meals in our nurseries are all made with fresh, tasty ingredients, inspiring children to try new flavours and textures, so that they develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.  

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For an exceptional nursery daycare facility for your child, find a Seymour House nursery near you.

Find out what parents say about us

Sarah Leete

We have always been and remain confident that when we leave our daughter Nursery, she receives the highest level of care and pre-school education available. We would have no hesitation recommending Seymour House to any friends seeking high quality childcare

Mrs Ellis

I would like to thank the nursery team for the outstanding care they have given to Millie over the past three years.  Every Team member is kind, thoughtful and professional

David and Katrin Bome

We have always been very pleased with the care, knowledge, professionalism, skill, and nurturing nature of the team

Chloe Jenkins

The nursery team are amazing and have made the process of returning to work so much easier for me.  I have complete confidence in them

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